Collective Endeavours (with Solène Weinachter)

Collective Endeavours


Photo: Magdalena Szymanska Photography


Collective Endeavours comes from the meeting of Jer Reid and Solène Weinachter in 2010 The premise of their collaboration was based on their join desire to explore each other?s art forms, where they would have an equal impact on the result of the pieces. Their aim has been to create dance/music duets that engage with specific ideas that feel important to them. They believe that the way to reach out with these ideas is to perform in all kind of space to share their work with all kinds of people.

They have done so in both set and improvised work and performed in places such as proscenium theatre in Scotland, community centers in the UK, outdoor stage in the Italian mountains, city square in a town in the Basque country, hardened cow shit and straw floor in French music festival (to name just a few).

Their first piece, Cairngorm Snow was inspired by the feeling of a connection to landscape, the Scottish hills, and the film ‘the Age of Stupid’ which deals with that connection, the fragility of landscape and the effects of climate change.

Their second work, Around Titles, is a series of improvised dance/music duets framed by three titles the audience picks at random from a pool of thirty,? titles varying from direct statement to more poetic sentiments.

Collective Endeavours is currently working on a new creation, Fracking, that will be premiered at St Andrew in the square church in Glasgow in May 2014. They are also opening their improvisation performance to a larger group of dancers and musicians for a series of performance that will start in April 2014.


Jer Reid and Solène Weinachter: Around Titles – Glasgow Open Dance School at the Market Gallery, Sun 9 Feb 2014