sumshapes All-Dayer – July 26th 2014

sumshapes All-Dayer – July 26th 2014
Stereo & The Old Hairdressers

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sumshapes 2nd all ages gig will be an all day affair. With sumshapes playing about 5pm and the mighty Blurt on last.

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Blurt’s wikipedia page describes Ted Milton’s band as being in the genres: post-punk, no wave, jazz-rock. Which I think is good. They’ve been going since 1979. Making their own world. Carving it out.

sumshapes is Ali Begbie Richie Dempsey and Jer Reid. Last gig was with The Ex – about 20 years since their last gig with The Ex. When the three members played in a different band. Us 3 are very happy to be playing together again!

Smack Wizards
Semi-improvised loosely written noisy pop songs with gusto

Rafe Fitzpatrick
Plays with Alasdair Roberts and, The Sound of Yell and many other things. About solo he says:
Trying to get one violin to sound like all the things in my head. A big cloud of drones and clatter, pictures, strings, ideas, LOVE & hope. Sometimes all together, sometimes all at once, sometimes…


F K Alexander
F.K.Alexander’s performances centre on aggressive healing, radical wellness, public vulnerability,12 step recovery and Noise. F.K. mostly makes Durational Aktions, often collaborates with ‘musicians’, and is currently based in Glasgow Scotland

Lisa Fannen and Jer Reid
Lisa Fannen does many different things. This time she’ll be reading words. And the music will be improvised.

Former Stretchheads/Desalvo piglord explores further deviations in analogue devices and whimsical confrontation.

Stuart Henderson
Cinematic guitar soundscapes from Ex-Ganger chap

Nova Waves

The Itinerant Bard, entertains with modern street songs & poetry, a lyric of the tragicomic style in Scots.

Brian Curran
Is an acoustic singer/song writer who’s roots are firmly placed in the Punk / DIY Scene.
He played in lots of bands including Quarantine Disaffect and Scatha

Breagha Cuinn
Plays acoustic guitar and sings but not in the way you might expect.

Jim Ferguson
Is a poet and prose writer based in Glasgow.

Buy tickets here
£12 adult, £6 10-16 year olds, free for under 10’s.
Everyone needs to buy a full price ticket but will be refunded £6 for 10-16 year olds and £12 for under 10s on the door.

22-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, G2 5AR
Telephone: 0141 222 2254